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I was inspired to start my blog to share my journey of living a healthy happy life for my kidneys. My name is Julie (Julz) and I’m from Durban, South Africa. We live a great life here on the East Coast as I find it a very chilled easy going lifestyle where the sun is always shining.

IMG_4527After finding out I was in kidney failure by simply going for a routine check up and many “2nd opinions” later all telling me I needed dialysis (basically going to hospital three times a week for 4 hours a day while your blood is pumped clean through a machine), I embarked on a quest to find out as much as possible about the kidneys, as I didn’t feel ill nor did I have any symptoms accompanied with kidney failure and so wanted to try everything possible before needing to be on dialysis.

After many hours spent on the internet researching, we came across Duncan Capicchiano, The Kidney Solution. An Australian naturopath who focuses on a specific diet and various supplements and herbal products who had achieved great results from his program helping people with kidney disease. http://www.beatkidneydisease.com/

Jason, my amazing husband, was talking to our local homeopath one day about all the supplements I was taking and he told Jason of this guy who once suffered from kidney failure and had to drop out of law school as was so ill. He wasn’t able to have a kidney transplant so went the natural route under the support of a homeopath and managed to recover from kidney failure. He is now a qualified practicing homeopath and became my mentor. Dr Rouen Bruni is a breath of fresh air and someone I could trust completely. And that is where my happy healthy kidney journey began. Dr Bruni worked with me over the years as I embarked on trying to heal the kidneys naturally. I tried everything from homeopathy to acupuncture to detox programs, to Ayurveda treatments and totally changed my diet and eliminated meat, wheat, sugar, salt, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.I tried this route for nearly 3 years and my levels did improve but just not enough and unfortunately the damage to my kidneys were too far gone and they finally gave in and it was time to accept defeat and begin dialysis treatment. I don’t regret trying the natural route as by the time my kidney’s had finally given up, I had reached a point where I had tried everything and it was time to accept dialysis treatment, or I could die.

I was on dialysis three times a week for a year and half while I waited for a kidney transplant, which I have now been so lucky to be gifted. I received the gift of life from an unrelated living donor and I now see life with a new pair of eyes and will forever be grateful for the selfless act of my donor for saving my life and giving me a second chance in this beautiful world. I will never be able to express the magnitude of my gratitude for the amazing gift she has given me and my family. I am so humbled by her act of great kindness.

Organ donation saves lives. Organ donation is something that is very real to me and something I am very devoted to.There is a critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa and there are so many people on waiting lists. This foundation may not seem important or relevant to you right now, but when you or your loved one becomes ill or is involved in an accident and needs an organ to save their life, the need becomes very real and so that is why this is something that requires our attention and support. I want to encourage everyone to sign up as organ donors, as during this journey I have come to realise the limited number of organ donors we have in this country and what a difference one person can make when they leave this world. You can save seven lives with your organs and many more with your tissue, bone marrow and corneas. So, I really encourage you all to sign up today on www.odf.org.za

Please feel free to contact me on julzcol@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my blog and show your support.



8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Julz,

    Sorry man never knew! Good for you that the no diet is working; some recipies look delish!! Wil try them out! Wes says HI!

    Xx ollie

  2. Hey cuz I cant believe it, and yeah for you for choosing this path. I am thinking of you lots and when you sneak into Cape Town you better give me a call.

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