Balance in 2018

The things that matter in 2018…

It’s the first day of February, the month of love. And my message to you is love yourself. Love your “imperfections” because without them you wouldn’t be you.

An artist friend of mine created the most beautiful painting of a naked woman in a garden. The painting was based on a photo of a friend of hers and she explained how the image really captured the realness of the woman’s body, nothing was airbrushed nor did she have a perfectly worked out body. She described the painting in words which have left such an impression on me and is the basis of my blog post today: “Honour your body as it is now and enjoy it’s functionality.”

Now isn’t that something to think about. Do we ever just stop and appreciate how our bodies function? Society today has become so obsessed with how body’s look but do we actually observe how well they are functioning – regardless of appearances?

love-your-body-headerYes, I can say this now considering I am not a super skinny young girl anymore worried what others think of me, but also since dealing with chronic kidney failure and staring death in the face, my body has really humbled me.

It has been many shapes and sizes over the years. From unhealthily skinny that my bones would show and I would wear children’s clothes (when I was on the special diet to help heal the kidneys), to being puffy and swollen that I couldn’t wear shoes or normal clothing and really struggled to walk or breathe (when my kidneys completely failed); to starting dialysis where I would put on weight (from the water retention as my kidneys weren’t functioning) and then losing it very quickly when it was removed on the dialysis machine – putting on and losing up to 10kg’s very quickly each day three times a week; to the transplant when my transplanted super kidney was brand new and my body was just thriving & having a party internally from this new source of pure energy and all systems were working properly again; to now post transplant where I am in the best shape (health wise) I have been in a very, very long time. Yes I have put on weight and I am puffy from the anti-rejection medication (cortisone) but I am healthy and so happy for it. I have embraced the change and celebrate it as this body has been through the works but it has stood by me and is still here functioning beautifully, the best it has in years, regardless of its appearance.

julz 2017

2017 was a good year for me. It was an amazing year, health wise. A new chapter of good health and new life. It was also a very busy, stressful year for our business and financially and it was a year filled with too much. Not enough time to appreciate life. I questioned this…what is the point of getting a second chance of life if you have no time to embrace it and truly live it?

As the year ended, I realised and made the decision that 2018 is going to be a year of balance for me. It’s a year where I want to focus my energy and attention of the things that really matter, the things that are real and add meaning to my life. This year I am focusing my energy on living a life of balance. Being with the people I love, who inspire me, who uplift me, and who are real. It is a year of being responsible for my role in contributing to our future survival as a family and in our business. It’s time to grow and expand and to find and do the things that I enjoy, that bring joy to my life with the ability to create. It is a year to appreciate this beautiful life I have been given.

Balance. That’s what it all comes down to. Finding the balance. I really struggled last year to find the balance between living a normal routine driven life vs. having this second chance of life and just living and not getting caught up in the mundane worries of day to day life. And I think I have got to a place where I can balance the two.

yoga balance

I have been doing yoga for 5 years now and if I look back over everything my body has been through yoga has been the stability it needed. Yoga has taught me so much. I have learned to breathe…sounds so simple but to truly breathe is something liberating. A few deep breaths can just center you and bring you to a grounded space.

Yoga has taught me patience. To listen to my body, even when its feeling uncomfortable in a stretch and to give it time. It is so easy to try rush a pose or shorten the length of time to hold a pose,  but I have learned that as I stay in a pose, I not only learn patience, but I have also grown in my yoga practice. Yoga has taught me to slow down, to give things a bit more time and thought before acting on it.

Yoga has helped me to let go of things and not take life too seriously, to embrace what comes my way and how to stay calm and in present time. I find it really helps relieve stress and tension, and gain a new perspective on a situation. It has taught me kindness, to be kind to myself, my body and to others. My time practicing yoga is precious to me as its my own and its where I go to be still, breathe, embrace flexibility and treat my body with kindness. 

Meaningful Quote

May 2018 be the year where I stand up for the life I truly want by making choices that align with that life. To love my imperfections and focus on what is real and meaningful.

Wishing you all a beautifully balanced 2018.







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