Healing the body inside out

Life has been anything but normal the last few months. It has been filled with so many highs and and wonderful memories made.

In April Jason and I tied the knot on our family game farm in Zululand. It was the most perfect day filled with so much love and surrounded by all our favourite people. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We then jetted off to Bali for a 2 week dream honeymoon. I really fell in love with the Balinese way of life and all that its country had to offer. The most peaceful, humble, happy and free bunch of people, to their beautiful beaches and rice paddies, to the most beautiful hotels and spa’s. You certainly haven’t had a proper massage until you have had one in Bali. Amazing yoga and surfing. And of course the food is outstanding, especially for someone with my kind of diet. So many tasty veg and rice dishes to choose from. Bali, as a destination definitely ticked all the boxes for us as the perfect honeymoon spot.

Upon arrival back in South Africa, I became an Auntie to the most precious little baby girl. My amazing sister gave birth to little Mila Van Der Waal. I will soon be heading down to visit the little one and her super Mom and Dad in the Eastern Cape!

And then unfortunately after all the highs I hit a bit of a downer as I received my latest blood test results, which were negative. Still not having any symptoms or feeling ill I questioned these results and my mind went into overdrive. What now? What to do next? I was not confronting the dialysis option. I wasn’t ready for that and quite frankly why should I even consider that option when I was feeling fit and healthy. It wasn’t an option.

Anyway, with that in mind we came across the Being Human Detox Clinic and Ramesh Ramkumar and I thought what have I got to loose. This can only bring good so I consulted with my Homeopath and Doctor and both highly recommended the treatment and said I had more to gain than to loose so I committed the next 7 days to Being Human and what an amazing experience it was, physically and mentally.

Being Huma

Ramesh did an analysis of my blood and not realizing how desperate my health was I straight away started the 7 day detox program. This involved fasting on fruit and vegetable juice, 5 clay & husk drinks, colonic irrigation, oxygen therapy, dry brushing and lymph drainage massage every day. Towards the end of the treatment I did 2 Liver detoxes which involved drinking Olive Oil and on the 6th day I felt like a new person. My energy levels had risen, my breathing was back to normal and I had so much colour in my face. It was probably one of the toughest things I have had to do along this journey of my kidney health but the results outweighed the difficulties and I am feeling so much better. Only now do I realise how tired my body was and have noticed a drastic difference in the way I feel now compared to when I started.

Below is an the results from my blood analysis, before and after the treatment.

BEFORE                                                                                                 AFTER

Blood Before May 2015Blood After June 2015

As you can see in the first image, the red blood cells are stacked on top of one another. This is called rouleaux (red blood cell aggregation) which indicates severe digestive insufficiency, chronic toxicity and acidity, degenerative conditions and liver stress You notice the uric acid crystals and cholesterol plaques in between the blood cells.

Looking at the second image, this is a snapshot of my blood a week after the detox treatment.  The red blood cells are individual round, regular shape and size, not overlapping and with very little uric acid crystals and cholesterol. I still have more work to do and so on Monday I continue the treatment and am doing another 2 day detox to eliminate any further toxins still in my system. I will publish the results a few weeks after the treatment and give an update on how things went.

I am feeling very optimistic about this treatment. It is a journey and not a quick fix. It is a lifestyle and way of living which I am very prepared to do in order to have a healthy functioning system.



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