Time Out

Seemed like all I needed was a few days off to get my mind focused on what my body needed and what a great week it was!

Morning walks on the promenade, fresh sea air, plenty of sunshine, afternoon naps, healthy eating and no stress was the perfect way to to spend my days off . Beach 2

We really have a beautiful back garden (the beach) that we take for granted when living so close to it but I managed to do 4x 5km walks and 1 yoga session last week and my energy levels were brilliant. Its amazing how good you feel after a bit of exercise.

I got back into making my fresh veggie and fruit juice, mainly carrot and apple juice and have been eating a lot more rice, for lunch and dinner.


I increased my kidney tea intake to 2 cups a day (added the dandelion leaves to the mixture) and have been weaning myself off the high blood pressure tablets (half a tablet/ day). Checked my blood pressure and currently its on 108/60 which is a bit low so need to keep an eye on it.

A new week and still feeling energised. Have my EM probiotic every morning as well as Vitamin C and all my supplements twice a day (morning and night after a meal). Managed to stick to my rice only meals this week making rice salads for lunch and rice with vegetables in the evening.

After a 4 day week, we had Friday off as it was a public holiday here in South Africa, Woman’s Day! So Thursday night was pizza and movie night and we made home made pizza’s – I was super excited as was able to make a pizza too! The Umhlanga Farmers Market sell the most amazing pizza bases. They sell normal wheat pizza bases but also wheat free/ gluten free ones too! I made a vegetarian pizza with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, feta and aubergine pesto. And my word, If I may say, was one of the yummiest pizza’s I have had.


The Umhlanga Farmers Market brings farm fresh produce to the community at really affordable prices on a Wednesday morning from 09:00 – 13:00 at  Autumn Drive, Prestondale, Umhlanga.

This unassuming market, though unimpressive in size, has a loyal local following offering organic and wholesome food including farm fresh fruit and vegetables, free range chicken and eggs, homemade bread, muffins and cakes, dried fruit, nuts, spreads and herbs and plants.

As it was a long weekend we spent a fantasic 2 days away in the midlands doing a bit of meandering around the beautiful countryside. It really is a beautiful place to visit. It was forcasted to snow but unfortunately we didnt get any whilst we were there but it was very cold…4’C with a real feel of 1’C. First bit of winter we have experienced this year! We left Durban Friday morning stopping at Peels Honey Store, Granny Mouses Country House, Bierfassl and Blueberry Hill Cafe where we chilled next to a roaring fire with blankets and sipped on tea before checking into the the tranquil little farm, Glen Afton Country House in Nottingham Road owned by the incredibly hospitable Julia and Ian.

Glen AftonThat night we headed to the one of the best restaurants I know in KZN, La Lampara, for a delicious gourmet dinner made by real people who love food and their passion shines through in the way they explain the menu to how they cook all their dishes.

The next morning after feeding Julia’s adopted donkeys, we headed to the quaint Cafe Bloom for brekkie and then on our way home stopped off at Swissland Cheese Store for some out of this world goats cheese. If you have the time, and not on my diet, they have beautiful rolling green lawns with stunning views of the midlands making a perfect picnic spot where you can buy a selection of cheese, biscuits and wine from the farm store.

So back in Durbs today and off to get a bit of exercise on the beach. Happy day all and chat soon.


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