Efficient Microbes Health Booster

Efficient Microbes is a natural, probiotic technology developed for over 25 years around the world. It is based on beneficial and effective micro organisms. The microbes in Efficient Microbes are non-harmful, non-pathogenic, not-genetically-engineered or modified (non-GMO), and not-chemically-synthesized.


Bacteria is intimately connected with almost every aspect of the body function. Beneficial bacteria is responsible for:

  • 80% of your body’s immunity
  • Allowing your body to use nutrition from food
  • The body to create its own vitamins
  • Preventing disease causing bacteria establishing themselves in the body
  • Most importantly, beneficial bacteria is responsible for the correct functioning of the digestive tract and can prevent or reduce incidents of heartburn, IBS, acid reflux and other irregularities of the gut.

And that is why I am taking Efficient Microbes Health Booster daily and I swear by it.

For more information go to  www.efficientmicrobes.co.za


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