Vitamins & Minerals

I am someone who really dislikes taking any sort of pill but as I have had to change my diet, I am missing a few vital vitamins and minerals that the body needs from the foods we eat. As I am no longer getting these nutrients from food, I need to replace them with vitamins and mineral supplements. So I thought I would share with you what I take each day and the benefits of each.

Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation, provides anti-oxidant support, helps with bacterial infections, helps protect from damage caused by loss of blood supply, and helps reduce coagulation of the blood within the kidney.

Co-Enzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant and has the ability to enhance energy and immune system function. It is essential for the function of the mitochondria, which converts energy into usable forms and is involved in cell division and growth.

Flaxseed Oil contains omega-3 essential fatty acids which reduces inflammation, high blood pressure, proteinuria and decreases cholesterol.
Alpha Lipoic acid is the key kidney-healing nutrient. It helps increase cellular kidney energy for healing. In clinical studies, lipoic acid showed the ability to prevent Angiotension-II-induced glomerular and vascular damage in the kidneys and completely prevented the development of albuminuria. Lipoic acid also reduces blood glucose levels, prevents and reverses diabetic neuropathy, increases energy, assists detoxification from heavy metals and can be used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and much more.
Iron provides necessary iron supplementation, as most kidney disease patients suffer from anemia.
Taurine helps reduce inflammation, shields again the development of diabetic nephropathy (inflammation of the kidney nephrons), helps heart function and lowers blood pressure.
Vitamin D is essential for those with kidney disease because the body can simply no longer produce Vitamin D itself. The kidneys help produce the body’s Vitamin D stores. Vitamin D is also beneficial to the immune system.
Multi-Vitamin (containing Zinc and Selenium)
Zinc enhances the immune system and assists with tissue repair.
Selenium helps reduce inflammation and provides anti-oxidant support.

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