Healthy happy Kidneys

Its been 6 months since I received the information that my kidneys were in failure  and it has been the most challenging but happiest 6 months I have had in a very long time. After hearing from 3 top Kidney Specialists that I needed to start on dialysis, I made a decision that dialysis was not even an option and I would find another solution…aka…the natural way! And so my journey of repaired kidney function began…


I am currently under the care of legendary homeopath, Dr Rouen Bruni. He is the most incredible health practitioner I have ever encountered and only uses natural alternatives. He has put me on a pretty hectic diet which consists of:

No protein (no meat), no sugar, no wheat, no salt, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine….. I call it the NO DIET. So my diet  consists of fruit, vegetables and legumes. Its basically a raw food diet. Added to that, I am taking some homeopathic remedies and supplements.

The combination of the above helps the body to do a few things:

1) Helps to stop the body’s antibodies from attacking my kidneys.

2) Helps repair the damaged kidneys.

3) Helps reduce inflammation.

4) Makes it easier for me to assimilate nutrients.

As you can imagine this was my worst nightmare come true as not only am I a real foodie but I also love my wine! But after a few very frustrating weeks and an 11kg loss later things started becoming routine and soon I was cooking and eating meals I never ever thought I would.


I have been for 3 lots of blood tests in the last 6 months and my condition is improving,  slowly but in the right direction. My creatinine level is decreasing and my kidney function is improving!  Hooray!!

I would never have been able to embark on this journey without the most incredible support system I have. Jason, my amazing family, Jason’s awesome family and my very special friends have been so encouraging and positive about me getting through this and I am so grateful to have such gems in my life!


So far I am feeling super strong and full of beans and have absolute faith I can do this. I created this blog to share my story with those of you who are in the dark and feel they have limited options (dialysis or transplant) and to encourage you to make the change in your lifestyle. Its a small price to pay for a greater quality of life in the long run.

I will be keeping you updated on my progress and share  with you the amazing recipes I come across, little tips I learn along the way and things to keep you motivated and informed.



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